UNITY CAMP'US – christian youth camp is the time for doing what you could not do all year long – time for having fun. You will have an extraordinary opportunity to test your strength in the highly favoured BIG GAME where you will face the most unexpected and the most original tasks! For four days in a row you will be free to participate in various sport and swimming activities; the evenings will be occupied with singing karaoke songs or just sitting at the camp fire and listening to the sweet sounds of guitars. The best part is that we will party all night long listening to the sounds of many different artists; we will participate in talent nights where all the campers will have the chance to reveal their talents on stage! If you are not in the mood for active leisure, you will be able to enjoy the peacefulness of the lake, bathe in the sun, watch sport tournaments or just simply lie on the green grass. And not to mention all the inspiring seminars and teachings where you will be able to find your calling and receive answers to the questions that interest you!UNITY CAMP'US – is the place where you will plunge into the most awesome summer adventures in the company of amazing people.
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